Holiday Hours


In order to assist our customers in planning their service, we at Access Options, Inc. wanted to make you aware of our upcoming holiday hours in advance.

Access Options, Inc. will be closing at noon on:

Friday December 23, 2016
Friday December 30, 2016

We will be closed in observance of the holidays on:

Monday December 26, 2016
Monday January 2, 2017

Our friendly staff will be available during our regular office hours outside of these dates to assist you in any way we can.

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Abilities Expo Success

We at Access Options, Inc. want to thank all of you who came out to see us at the Abilities Expo. It was a wonderful success.

Below are pictures of our booth, which was manned by our friendly staff!

img_0818 img_0819 img_0820


Some of our vendors were in attendance as well. Including Braun, which had our very own Kevin from Fremont helping out!

img_1176 img_1175 img_1173


All in all we met so many wonderful people at the Abilities Expo, but the fun isn’t over yet! Stay tuned as we will be drawing our winner for the Apple Watch soon!



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Thanksgiving Office Hours



Access Options, Inc. offices will be open for regular hours Monday – Wednesday. Our office is closed on Thursday  and Friday for Thanksgiving.

Access Options, Inc. wishes you and your family a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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Abilities Expo: Bay Area, CA


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Abilities Expo is almost upon us and Access Options, Inc. would love to invite you come by and visit us at Booth 907. Stop by and meet some of our friendly staff, learn about products we offer, and pick up some great swag.

We sincerely hope to see you there!

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The Benefits of a Vertical Home Lift: Access Options Week in Review

We often get to work with fantastic customers on amazing jobs; this week was no exception.

This last week Access Options, Inc. was able to install an Extended Vertical Lift and Custom Modular Ramp for a wonderful client. Vertical lifts give wheelchair users a better way in to and out of their residential homes as such devices allows them to be raised from the ground up on their elevated (or with steps ) front porches. In the case of our client, the lift gave her entry to parts of the house she previously could not access on her own.


Mac’s EVL-134

Previously it was difficult for our client to maneuver around her home on her own. We were able to recommend and install some EZ Access Transition Mats and a Custom Modular Ramp, and now there isn’t anywhere in the home she can’t navigate.


EZ Access Transition Mats


Custom Modular Ramp


Custom Modular Ramp


Custom Modular Ramp

If you or someone you know is interested in a FREE Home Assessment and Estimate call or email us.

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Preparing for an Accessible Road Trip this Fall


The leaves have already started to change, pumpkin patches are all around, Halloween is just around the corner and the fall season is in full swing. This cool, refreshing weather can be a great time to go on a road trip through the states with friends. Road trips can be challenging for drivers with disabilities because of the hours in a wheelchair accessible vehicle and the preparation needed before the trip. However, road trips can be a great way to spend quality time this fall season. Here are some ways to make the trip more easygoing for everyone.


Sketch out and plan your destination. The fall season can be different depending on which states you wish to go to. Take a road trip to the chilly and vibrant city of New York or Seattle. If you are looking for a more scenic road trip, consider taking a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains, Glacier National Park, or New Hampshire and Vermont. Once you pick your destination make sure to check the weather forecast as it gets closer to the date; this will help you prepare accordingly.

Anticipate Obstacles

Planning your trip in advance can help you avoid potential obstacles during your trip. Search for hotels, attractions, and activities near your destination that offer accommodations for people with disabilities. It is more convenient to do this ahead of time because it will help them provide the best possible service and will save you the trouble of trying to find the ideal places to visit last minute. Making sure your wheelchair accessible vehicle is in good condition for the road is essential. All of the vehicle conversions need to be in acceptable conditions for the road, especially for long road trips. Wheelchair restraints and other items used to accommodate people with disabilities should be checked for safety.

Fun, Food, and Comfort

One of the most important aspects of road trips is to remember to have fun! Bringing blankets and pillows can help make everyone feel at home and be more comfortable during the trip. Be sure to bring loose or breathable clothing; it will come in handy for those long hours on the road. Avoid tight jeans or clothing that is too snug on your body. Bringing snacks to eat along the way can be a great way to save money. Pack snacks like trail mix, cut or mini veggies, PB&J sandwiches, or other snacks that are easy to eat on the go.

When taking road trips with your loved ones, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

If you need assistance with your handicap accessible vehicle or would like to purchase one, please call us today at 888.828.5438.


** Posted on October 27, 2016 in Drivers With Disabilities, Handicap Accessible Vehicles, Living With a Disability
and on October 28, 2016 on NMEDA’s Website


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Pool Lifts Offer Significant Benefits to Individuals with Physical Disabilities

Swimming is one of the most relaxing activities, and it can also be a great source of low-impact exercise. It offers significant benefits for those with physical disabilities, however, there has always been a problem in providing those with physical disabilities a simple, safe, and convenient means to get in and out of a swimming pool. Most pools are accessed by stairs or via a ladder, which will not work for those who use a wheelchair.

Pool Lifts Make Entering the Water Easy

There are options available to help make getting in and out of the water a simple, safe process. Pool lifts come in a range of types, sizes and capabilities. For instance, chair lifts are able to lift an individual up and over the lip of an above-ground pool and then lower them gently into the water. Once in the water, the individual can choose to remain seated in the pool lift chair, or they can move to another seating platform.

Pool Lifts Offer Multiple Uses

Of course, you’ll find that pool lifts are not limited to use with swimming pools alone. These types of lifts can also be used with spas and hot tubs. Spa therapy can be an invaluable therapeutic tool for individuals with physical disabilities, and pool lifts can help ensure that they are able to make the most of the experience.

Choosing the Right Pool Lifts

When considering pool lifts, you will need to make sure that you choose the right model for your needs. One of the first considerations will be the configuration of the lift — is it designed for use with above-ground pools and spas only? Can it be used with an in-ground pool as well? You should also consider the lifting capacity and the anchoring system used to attach the lift to the ground or floor. To learn more about pool lifts and which one is right for your needs, contact a Mobility Consultant at Access Options in Fremont or Watsonville, CA.

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Wheelchair Lifts Provide Convenience and Accessibility

For people with physical disabilities who use a wheelchair, mobility can be quite a challenge. However, modern technology offers solutions in the way of mobility equipment that can be added to any van to ensure you are able to get in and out easily. In the realm of mobility equipment, the wheelchair lift is one of the most important considerations. You’ll find quite a range of options out there, and choosing the right one is important.

For instance, if you prefer something that doesn’t get in the way of your wheelchair or your vision while you’re riding, you might consider the Braun UVL wheelchair lift. This innovative design is actually mounted underneath the van, rather than inside the doorway. This ensures maximum floor space for your use and that there is nothing obstructing the windows or doors in your van. Of course, there are many other options out there, too.

You might consider something like the Braun Vangater wheelchair lift, which uses a trifold design to offer a wider platform, without blocking the entrance. In fact, this lift gives more than half the van’s side door in entrance and exit width, so it’s perfect for those who need a bit more space. The Braun Millenium series is another excellent option. This is the perfect choice for those with a need for more lifting capacity in a wheelchair lift. The design is capable of supporting up to 750 pounds, with full hydraulic operation.

If you prefer something else, you might consider Ricon, which offers the klearvue platform lift and the UNI-Lite wheelchair lift. The klearvue uses a split folding design that provides immense access and visibility with a dual post system, while the UNI-Lite design is one of the lightest wheelchair lifts on the market. To find out more about mobility equipment, wheelchair vans and other solutions offered visit Access Options, Or if you live in California stop by our Watsonville or Fremont locations for more details.

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PVI Modular Ramp System

PVI offers a line of quality ramp systems that are available at Access Options. These ramps are wonderful products that offer residential solutions for those in a wheelchair. One of the ramps offered is the PVI is the Modular Ramp System.

The Modular ramp system is very versatile in that it can be used in both commercial and residential settings. It rises at a slight angle to allow users to make a gentle incline through doorways. It also comes with the option for ADA handrail extensions, guardrails and gates.

The Modular ramp offers the peace of mind that comes with a quality product. This model is extremely safe– it has passed extensive testing to become ADA-compliant. It is durable and weather resistant. The all-aluminum construction can accommodate a rise of up to 60 inches.

The ramp is also a favorite because of the ease of installation. There is little to no site preparation work before the installation process. The ramp is easily installed, and also offers the option to be moved or reconfigured just as easily.

For more information on the PVI Modular Ramp system, visit the Access Options website today. The Access Options website also lists their entire stock of PVI ramps, as well as other ramps offered. Access Options hopes to assist you in finding a ramp that provides you with complete access to life.

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Wells- Engberg Disability Driving Aids at Access Options

When you are searching for something extra to enhance your driving experience, come to Access Options to get your hands on our line of Wells-Engberg Disability Driving Aids. With products ranging from mechanical hand controls to pneumatic hand controls, Wells-Engberg has the products that can make your drives easier and more enjoyable.

The Wells-Engberg CT-100 Rotary Cable Operated Control system is the perfect system for controlling both the accelerator and braking systems of your vehicle by hand. The CT- 100 features a flexible accelerator cable, which is directly linked to the accelerator pedal. Similar to a motorcycle grip, if you twist this handle, the vehicle accelerates. To brake, you simply push the handle toward the brake pedal. The system is made primarily of aluminum, and its compact design reduces the amount of hardware in the driver’s area allowing for more legroom.

The CP-200 Right Angle Cable Control is another Wells-Engberg driving aid, which assists in accelerating and braking a vehicle. It is a handle, which can be pushed towards the lap to accelerate or pushed toward the brake pedal for braking. Both the CP-200 and the CT-100 can be order in either right or left-handed models.

If you are interested in giving yourself an easier, more convenient driving experience, contact Access Options today. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to offer advice and information to assist you in choosing a driving aid to fit your needs.

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