Funding Resources for Accessible Vehicles



Although purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be expensive, Access Options, Inc. can guide you to programs that may help you. Below are a few general options to research:

  • State Agencies – Every state has a Vocational Rehabilitation Program. These are state funded programs that assist people with disabilities to get back into or remain in the workplace. In some cases they provide funding for vehicle modifications. Check with your local program for qualifications. Check with your mobility dealer to help find local programs and third party funders.
  • Veterans Administration – The Veterans Administration funds up to $18,900 for adaptive equipment for qualifying veterans. For more information visit
  • Charitable Organizations/Churches – The options here can be extensive. Research what is available in your local market.
  • Mobility Rebate Programs – Several OEM manufacturers (Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota, etc.) provide rebates to purchasers of new vehicles that require modifications for disabilities. Before you purchase a new vehicle for modifications, inquire with the dealer about applicable rebates.
  • Special Finance Programs – A variety of programs are available for financing mobility vehicles including loans with extended terms, leasing packages and more. Please ask your NMEDA dealer for more information about special financing programs offered.
  • Fundraising – Contact all the people in your life and turn your need for a mobility solution into an outlet for socializing and creativity that can bring your whole community together. Get local news agencies involved by explaining what you’re trying to do and ask if they’d be interested in covering your story.
  • Public Assistance – Depending on your disability and if you are on Social Security, you may be eligible for the PASS program. If you need an accessible vehicle to go to school or your job, they may be able to help you.
  • Grants – There are several different organizations for different disabilities that provide information, support and resources to help assist those with specific conditions. For example, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society might help if you have MS or United Cerebral Palsy may be able to help if you have CP. Reach out to the local chapter and see if they can provide assistance or guidance.


This mobility funding update has been brought to you by NMEDA – the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. 
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Spotlight on Bruno stair Lifts


Reach all levels of your home safely. Restore access and peace of mind with a Bruno indoor stairlift. Setting the standard for stairlift design and dependability, there’s a Bruno stair lift for every budget and space. Discover which indoor stairlift is right for your unique home and needs.


Get Bruno’s most popular straight stairlift, the Elan. Bruno’s Elan offers years of dependable use with Made in America quality. The Elan stair lift comes standard with a variety of features to meet your individual needs. With a unique low-profile rail design, Bruno’s Elan stairlift leaves plenty of open space on the steps for family member.



Combine quality, comfort and style with an Elite Straight stairlift. Bruno’s Elite Indoor Straight chairlift offers worry-free access and the premium design blends in with your home’s environment. Consider options such as power swivel seat and power folding footrest to customize your Bruno Elite stair lift to match your unique situation.


Enjoy the stairlift built specifically for your home. Experience the smooth, quiet ride of Bruno’s Elite Curve stair lift from start to finish. With Bruno’s signature stairlift, the quality and comfort are second to none. Add power options to further customize your Elite curved chairlift to fit your lifestyle.

If you are interested in a FREE assessment send us an email HERE or call us at one of our two locations.

Access Options, Inc.
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Watsonville Office  831-722-6804



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Spotlight on Guidosimplex Driving Aids


Guidosimplex has been providing handicap hand controls for cars for over 50 years, and has helped millions of disabled drivers throughout the U.S. and the world get back on the road.

But beyond the innovative functionality, Guidosimplex has made car hand controls more CONVENIENT, unobtrusive, and more in keeping with your vehicle’s own interior styling.

It’s “Freedom to Drive” the way you want to drive – with both hands on the wheel, natural “push” movement to brake, up to 11 secondary controls at your fingertips – even a clutch for a manual shift vehicle! And every Guidosimplex hand control is beautifully styled to complement your vehicle’s interior.

Guidosimplex means “Driving made simple” – with the most technologically advanced driving controls available!

Gas & Brake Hand Controls for Adaptive Driving
Guidosimplex hand controls for cars include “all-in-one” systems that allow you to control both the Accelerator and the Brake in a single lever. For your accelerator, choose either an Electronic or Mechanical accelerator. Choose from a selection of mechanical or hydraulic Brake systems.


Concept Lever – (GT2)

Floor-mounted lever, right of driver’s seat, in just about any car. Controls accelerator and brake with one lever.

Q Hand Control

For those with limited wrist/upper body control or grip problems. Steering-mounted lever for gas & brake.

Oceania Lever – (Modena)

All in one accelerator and brake on a long-arm lever. Mounts on steering column, left or right.



Revolutionary single lever looks like a gearshift — and only the handgrip portion moves. Nothing to rub against your leg. All controls inside a sleek console.

To see more of what Guidosimplex had to offer visit their site here: Guidosimplex


To get a quote on Guidosimplex or any other controls reach out to us here: Access Option, Inc. Contact Us

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How to Make Travel a Breeze this Summer


It’s the time for sunscreen, sunshine and some plain, old summer fun! If you’re looking for travel ideas or tips to make sure all your summer adventures in your wheelchair go off without a hitch, you’ve come to the right place! Next time you’re planning a trip or packing for one take these tips into consideration!

Cruises: While some cruises are more accessible than others, they are said to be some of the most wheelchair friendly vacation options. Cruise ships sailing in and out of U.S. waters should be ADA compliant and ships are so large now room to get around shouldn’t be an issue. Some of the best cruise lines to look at include Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruises, and Holland America.

Hotels: Shop around when looking for the right hotel. Once you’ve found a few you like give them a call to discuss their amenities, accessibility and any other information you may require. Even if you’ve booked a room requesting a roll-in shower or any other amenities, be sure to follow up a few days before your trip to confirm your room is equipped for your needs.

Flying: One way to reduce travel stress is to book flights with longer layovers. This allows for more time to get to gates or to reassemble any equipment. If your chair does need to be disassembled to enter the aircraft attach directions so the crew can understand and help simplify the process.

General: If you’re traveling via car or van always ensure maintenance is completed before you embark on your road trip! The best tip of all is to plan ahead – you can never be too prepared for your trip in land, air or sea!

** Original article from EZ Access’ Blog on June 18, 2017. 
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Prepping Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for Summer


If you live in an area known for its seasonably high temperatures during the summer months, then you should be taking the proper precautions necessary to summer-proof your wheelchair accessible vehicle, and ensure it runs at tip-top shape as the heat continues to rise.

Here are some essential vehicle maintenance tips that you need to consider as the summer season sets in.

Stock Up on Coolant
This should go without saying, but you should always keep an eye on your accessible vehicle’s coolant levels. Too little, and your engine wills start running hotter than normal. Add the high temperatures outdoors, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

As a precaution, it’s always good to keep an extra bottle of coolant in the trunk, or under a seat, in case an emergency occurs while you’re on the road.

Cut Down on Cracks
High temperatures under the hood are pretty commonplace, which means its effects can be doubled or tripled during the summer months. High heat over time can cause cracks in hoses and tubing, which can lead to fluid leaks and even damage to your engine or other important components.

Regular servicing and replacement can help prevent costly damages, and extend the overall life of your mobility vehicle.

Assess Your AC
The more integral system in your car, especially during the summer months, your AC should always be in tip-top shape. If for any reason you feel a decline in the performance of your AC system, do not ignore it. The worse you let the problem get, the more expensive it will be to get fixed.

Check Your Tires
Even the most advanced rubbers are still prone to wear and tear over time. This can be exacerbated by any sudden changes in temperature, which causes some tires to literally rot from the inside out. This is especially true for wheelchair accessible vans and trucks, as they prone to carrying more weight than their non-modified counterparts.

It’s recommended you get your tires checked every three months or so, and replaced every year, to reduce the risk of damage to your mobility vehicle.

Call today to make an appointment at one of our two locations!


Originally Posted on June 6th, 2017 in Drivers With Disabilities
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Custom Customer Ramp


This week our technicians installed an EZ Access custom modular ramp with powder coating for one of our dear customers. Without the use of the ramp, the customer had difficulty his home. Now, there’s no stopping him!

IMG_0129 IMG_0128 IMG_0127 IMG_0126

EZ Access’ PATHWAY® 3G Modular Access System provides the safest, fastest, and most efficient solution to your accessibility needs. Its unique features, including universal components and interchangeable surface and handrail options, make it an excellent choice when your residential access requirements extend beyond the scope of a portable ramp. Durable, dependable, an American made, the PATHWAY 3G offers customization solutions to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements of your home. If your needs change, the PATHWAY 3G can transition with you.

This American-made modular system consists of ramps, stairs, and platforms, all of which may be combined and configured in a variety of ways to provide a customized fit to your home. The system is made of durable aluminum, and as previously stated Powder coating options are also available.

So, whether you need a short term access solution, have a long term disability, or have experienced a recent injury – the EZ Access Pathway® system delivers the complete solution. If you are interested in getting a FREE ramp assessment from one of our professional sales staff, reach out via our CONTACT PAGE.

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Monarch 1A Hand Controls


Access Options, Inc. recently had the pleasure of installing a set of Monarch 1A hand controls for a wonderful customer. The Monarch Mark 1A hand control incorporates one of the most popular methods of operation, and undoubtedly the least fatiguing available. Through mechanical linkage, the brakes are applied by the forward motion away from the driver toward the brake pedal or dashboard. Again with mechanical linkage, the gas or accelerator is applied by a downward movement toward the driver’s lap and at a right angle to the brake. Designed with a flat handle and accelerator rod that fits behind the dash panel makes it a minimally intrusive Hand Control. The Monarch 1A also comes with an easy to use accelerator lock out that when engaged locks out the accelerator function of the hand control so drivers using the pedals cannot use the hand controls and a five year limited warranty.

**Driving a car or van with hand controls should only be done by those who have had sufficient training by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Therapist. Please contact one of our sales staff to find a qualified specialist in your area. Use our online Inquiry Form and let us know the best way to have someone contact you about a hand control consultation.




Access Options, Inc. offers a wide selection of adaptive equipment for almost every kind of vehicle. All of the adaptive equipment that we offer is manufactured by the most trusted names in the industry. Our certified staff will work with you to custom fit your automobile or wheelchair accessible vehicle with the adaptive equipment that meet your needs. We offer a variety of driving aids such as hand controls, pedal extensions, brake pedal guards, steering knobs, and high-tech electronic controls.


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Spring into Savings with Access Options!



No time is better than the present to come in to one of our two locations and save $1,000 on any of our NEW and in stock 2016 vehicles. We still have some great options to choose from, but hurry down as they are not likely to last!

You can view our selection of new vans for sale HERE.


Access Options, Inc. – Fremont Office
Contact: Kevin Lowrey
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Access Options, Inc. – Watsonville Office
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3 Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Mobility Vehicle

Posted on March 21st, 2017 in Drivers With Disabilities, Handicap Accessible Vehicles, Mobility Equipment
With so many mobility vehicle options available today, and more advances being made each and every day, purchasing a handicap accessible van, SUV or car can turn into a complicated process. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.
At Access Options, Inc., we strive to be a great resource for persons with disabilities looking to grow their independence through adaptive driving solutions.
Here are the three most important questions to discuss with your accessible automotive dealer during the purchase of your mobility vehicle.
Do I Need to See a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist?
The first thing you and your accessible automotive dealer need to establish when purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle is who will be driving. Drivers with disabilities must begin their journey with a professional evaluation from a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. These experts can assess your driving skills and work with you to find alternative or adaptive driving solutions. Those solutions can then be communicated to your accessible automotive dealer and implemented within your adaptive vehicle conversion.
How Are Your Automobile Safety and Comfort Needs Being Met?
Working with a accessible automotive dealer means your wheelchair accessible vehicle will be customized for you and your specific mobility requirements. Adaptive conversions are about installing the features and adaptive equipment you need and will use on a day-to-day basis. Throughout the conversion process, your on-the-road safety is the ultimate goal. Your mobility dealer will be able to explain how each piece of adaptive equipment, or modification will positively impact your everyday life and ensure your safety, comfort and independence.
What Are Your Financing or Reimbursement Options?
Cost is one of the primary decision factors for any person shopping for a vehicle. Purchasing a mobility vehicle calls for an investment, and, although you’re investing directly in your independent lifestyle, cost can still weigh on your mind. Fortunately, your accessible automotive dealer can help you identify rebates, discounts or grants available to you through vehicle manufacturers, disability groups or state organizations. We can also discuss financing options and possibly design a payment plan that fits within your budget.
Please call one of our friendly sales staff with any questions regarding your mobility vehicle needs.
Access Options, Inc. – Fremont Office
Contact: Kevin Lowrey
41545 Albrae Street
Fremont, CA 94538
Access Options, Inc. – Watsonville Office
Contact: Don Berg
109 Lee Road, Suite D
Watsonville, CA 95076
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VMI Chrysler Pacifica


8 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with the New VMI Chrysler Pacifica

A few weeks ago, VMI announced the addition of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica to its lineup of converted wheelchair vans. VMI began this van conversion process with one person in mind: the consumer. The planning and research for the VMI Chrysler Pacifica alone took twelve months. That year was filled with face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and national surveys so VMI engineers could understand exactly what it is the consumer wants in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. “We want to take care of our customer,” Aaron Hanlon, VMI’s vice president of marketing says. “We go out of our way to learn about their needs and develop products that will delight them.” what their needs are and develop products around that.”

Basically, we know you will love it. Here’s why:

VMI engineers have created nearly a foot of extra floor space which means more room to maneuver even the largest power wheelchairs while maintaining ample space in the vehicle for up to six other passengers — seven passengers total. Wheelchair users will now enjoy Access 360 in the Chrysler: the ability to enter the vehicle and complete a 360-degree rotation without bumping or scraping into anything.

Easy Entrance Access
The VMI Chrysler Pacifica offers two top of the line features that make for easier entrance access: its extra wide door opening and its PowerKneel feature. VMI engineers have altered the Pacifica to include a 30-inch wide door opening and 59-inch door height which will allow easier access into and out of the van for wheelchair users. The PowerKneel feature lowers the incline significantly [about an 8 degree incline] which makes it easier for wheelchair users and their caregivers to get into the van.

Interchangeable Seats
For the first time ever, the VMI Chrysler Pacifica gives wheelchair users the option to switch from driver’s seat to front passenger seat, or they can sit in the second row. Whereas wheelchair users in the past were stuck in one position for the duration of a ride, now wheelchair users can switch from passenger to driver’s seat and vice versa. This feature makes the Pacifica the ultimate road trip van.

We know safety is a priority, especially when it comes to transporting the family. It’s another reason we chose to convert the Chrysler Pacifica. This van comes with front and rear parking assist, lane departure warning, forward collision warning plus, adaptive cruise control and 360 degree cameras.

Parallel, Perpendicular and Rear Parking Assists
The Pacifica’s Parksense park assists give drivers visual and audible warnings when he or she is about to hit an object while parking. The rear park assist also alerts drivers to objects about to come into the Pacifica’s path. The van will automatically stop when necessary to avoid collision.

Lane Departure Warning
If the driver moves laterally into other lanes without a blinker signal, then the Pacifica will offer visual warnings and gently nudge the van back into its appropriate lane.

Forward Collision Warning Plus
If the car in front brakes unexpectedly or the Pacifica driver approaches the car ahead too quickly, the van’s forward collision warning plus will provide visual warnings to “brake.” If the van continues approaching the car ahead without breaking, the van will automatically apply the brake to prevent crashing.

Adaptive Cruise Control
When the Pacifica is in cruise control but approaches a car ahead traveling at slower speeds, the van will automatically slow down to maintain a pre-set distance behind. If the car ahead stops completely, the Pacifica will also stop, and then will continue once the front car accelerates.

360 Degree Cameras
The Pacifica uses four separate cameras positioned around the van to offer 360 degree views, making it easier to maneuver through and park in tight spaces. The camera also offers an overhead bird’s-eye view of the van and objects nearby.

VMI is dedicated to creating comfortable, high-quality vans in every conversion, but the Pacifica brings a new level of luxury to the scene. This Pacifica van’s design doesn’t look like a typical wheelchair van. It reflects a more “athletic” aesthetic, featuring “chrome accents, LED lights and 20-inch polished aluminum wheels.”

Tri-Pane Sunroof
Perfect for scenic road trips, the top tier edition of the Pacifica offers a tri-pane sunroof — that is, a sunroof that extends nearly the entire length of the roof. Riders in the front, middle and third rows can look up and enjoy the view.

Luxury Options
The Pacifica’s top tier editions offer a luxury option called UConnect Theater. Customers can have 5- or 8.4-inch screens built into the back of the front row seats for people to play games or watch movies on. USB, HDMI and bluetooth connection is also available, which makes it possible to sync smart phones up to the screens. This option is extremely convenient for families with kids and people who take long trips.

In-car Vacuum Hose
Say goodbye to dirt, hair and cracker crumbs. The Pacifica’s top tier editions’ in-car vacuum hose extends from the backseat to every nook and cranny of the vehicle, making cleaning a breeze. This family car’s interior can look brand new and spotless, even years down the road.


*Original article can be found HERE
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