MPD Hand Controls at Access Options

At Access Options, we are dedicated to offering some of the most affordable and cutting-edge mobility vehicles and accessories on the market. One of our most popular items is hand controls, allowing drivers with disabilities to safely get behind the wheel and use their hands to brake and accelerate as opposed to their feet. Hand controls are a safe alternative to traditional driving methods and if you have difficulties driving because of your current condition, they are an excellent option that is trusted by customers all across the country.

Mobility Products and Design offers a full line of hand control mobility driving aids including hand controls, foot pedal extenders, and left foot accelerators. If you are in the Watsonville or Sunnyvale area, these are just a few of the popular options we offer for you.

The Knob Grip Offset Handle is fully adjustable at 360 degrees, providing additional knee clearance, more leverage, and the ability to keep the handle closer to the turn signal. It also adjusts the angle or pitch of grips with wrist supports.

The Foam Grip Offset Handle is highly recommended by driving evaluators, designed two inches longer than most hand controls for maximum driving comfort and control and greater leverage when braking and accelerating.

The Knob Grip Straight Handle fits comfortably into the driver’s palm, allowing you to mount the hand control higher for more driver convenience and support. The center pivot allows it to be moved away from the door for more hand clearance, and is equipped with a foam handle or horn and dimmer switches.

These are just a few of the hand control driving aids we offer at Access Options. If you are interested in trying one out to see how it can improve your driving capabilities, contact your local Access Options today.

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