Wells- Engberg Disability Driving Aids at Access Options

When you are searching for something extra to enhance your driving experience, come to Access Options to get your hands on our line of Wells-Engberg Disability Driving Aids. With products ranging from mechanical hand controls to pneumatic hand controls, Wells-Engberg has the products that can make your drives easier and more enjoyable.

The Wells-Engberg CT-100 Rotary Cable Operated Control system is the perfect system for controlling both the accelerator and braking systems of your vehicle by hand. The CT- 100 features a flexible accelerator cable, which is directly linked to the accelerator pedal. Similar to a motorcycle grip, if you twist this handle, the vehicle accelerates. To brake, you simply push the handle toward the brake pedal. The system is made primarily of aluminum, and its compact design reduces the amount of hardware in the driver’s area allowing for more legroom.

The CP-200 Right Angle Cable Control is another Wells-Engberg driving aid, which assists in accelerating and braking a vehicle. It is a handle, which can be pushed towards the lap to accelerate or pushed toward the brake pedal for braking. Both the CP-200 and the CT-100 can be order in either right or left-handed models.

If you are interested in giving yourself an easier, more convenient driving experience, contact Access Options today. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to offer advice and information to assist you in choosing a driving aid to fit your needs.

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