VMI Northstar Van from Access Options

VMI Northstar lowered floor wheelchair conversion vans are a convenient way to easily get in and out of your vehicle. The in-floor power ramp offers an open, unrestricted entryway and exit, along with plenty of room for maneuverability inside the vehicle. It comes with a one-touch remote to deploy the ramp, and the PowerKneel system provides a low angle that makes it easy and safe to get in and out. The tumble forward third row seating options of many vans makes it even easier to accommodate your family without disrupting the ramp, providing plenty of room for extra passengers or luggage.

A few standard features of the VMI Northstar wheelchair van include tumble-forward seating, a 10 inch lowered floor, maximum interior headroom, power door with manual operating options, rust proofing, emergency release, removable front seat base, non-skid surface, 3 year warranty, manual tie-down system, carpet seat bases, and plenty of floor space.

If you are in need of a wheelchair van that incorporates maximum safety standards into premium efficiency and quality engineering standards, Access Options has just the right options for you. Contact us for more information on how we can help you find the VMI Northstar conversion van you’ve always wanted.

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