When a Used Wheelchair Van is the Answer

Budgets…oh, most of us hate that word! It is our budgets that often put the limits on what we can and cannot do in life. The budget is the reason we cannot travel to the places we want to see. The budget is why we cannot go out to dinner each night. Often, it is the budget that prevents us from getting a wheelchair van. Fortunately, those living in the San Francisco Bay area have Access Options and its amazing range of new and used mobility gear.

So, if you have been living without a wheelchair accessible van, and struggling to get rides from accessible vehicles in order to do the things you need to do, you can turn to Access Options for a solution.

Just consider that you will be able to search through their inventory to find a side or rear entry wheelchair van, choose from models that have lifts or ramps, decide what make and model you want (including all of the major conversion providers and popular manufacturers), and even take a few test drives to be sure you are choosing the perfect van.

It helps to understand that the range of wheelchair vans is enormous. You will find names like, Honda, Toyota, Dodge and Chrysler. You can drive around in the style that you want, and with all of the special gear you might need. Even better is the fact that the firm works only with certified service providers and top quality financing firms.

This means you can lease or finance your van, get free months of service, and know that you are going to enjoy many years of comfortable driving no matter what vehicle you choose. Don’t be tied down by your budget when this firm is ready to help you find the solution you can afford!


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