Access Options Offers More Than Just Wheelchair Vans—We Offer Home Accessibility!

Access Options has a reputation as a successful wheelchair van dealer, but we also offer more than just road convenience.  We deal in home convenience, specifically home mobility products.  Operating out of Sunnyvale and Watsonville, California (and in the business since 1990), we have seen many technological advances in mobility over the past 20 years.  Our goal is to eliminate architectural and transportation barriers and to help disabled person’s achieve the level of independence they want and deserve.

Our home accessibility products represent the best innovations in the business, as they have been designed by big name producers like Braun and Bruno.  One of our top selling products is the Electra-Ride LT by Bruno, which is a stair lift that is capable of transporting a disabled person up a large flight of stairs using battery power (which means electrical storms are no worry!) and a covered track.

For wheelchair access to the house, we offer the Vertical Platform Lift, an ideal device for handling porches, patios and decks, even access to the second floor.  Other home mobility products include ramp systems (usually the more affordable option than lifting devices, not to mention greater control) and patient lifts for clinics or caretakers.

Lastly, let us never conclude that physically challenged persons are incapable of relaxing, having fun and enjoying a refreshing swim!  How about the pool lift?  The Pool Lift Model AG-48 allows disabled individuals to safely and easily get in an above ground spa or hot tub.  Just in time for the spring and summer!

Here at Access Options we offer everything of interest to disabled consumers, including the wheelchair van.  However, don’t overlook our home mobility products.  We think you’ll find some amazing inventions out on the market if you look carefully!  Why not give Access Options a call and start thinking independently?

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