Maintaining Your Independence at Home

According to a 2015 study by HUD, less than one percent of housing in the United States is accessible for wheelchair users while only about one third of housing being possibly modifiable for an individual with a mobility disability. This means that while those with disabilities can now access public businesses, homes are another story, which is why Access Options, Inc. recommends EZ-ACCESS products to assist in breaking through those barriers.

See how EZ-ACCESS’ TRANSITIONS® line helps to bridge the accessibility gap in homes across America:

The Angled Entry Mat seamlessly blends in by providing a “welcome mat” style that comes in three colors to match the home’s aesthetic. It is simply set in place and ready to use.

The Modular Entry Ramp creates a sturdy and seam-free surface that helps eliminate potential tripping hazards for wheelchair, scooter, walker, and cane users.

In addition to TRANSITIONS accessibility products for the home, check out EZ-ACCESS’ other reputable accessibility product lines including the PASSPORT®, SUITCASE® and PATHWAY® 3G.

As you reflect on all of the amazing changes that have come from the American Disabilities Act, be sure to double check that your space is accessible for everyone. Whether it is through enhancing your home with a quality EZ-ACCESS product, or through a few quick adjustments around the house, there are a variety ways to give greater independence to individual with disabilities visiting your own home.

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