Access Options Announces Open House BBQ to Thank Customers and the Community

Access Options, a leading provider of wheelchair vans and mobility equipment in California, has today announced an open house BBQ in celebration of their customers and the community.

Access Options, a recognized mobility industry leader in California, has today announced an open house BBQ to thank their customers and the community by providing access to in-depth information about new wheelchair vans and mobility equipment coming on the market.

Access Options is proud to announce a day of information, entertainment and food for everyone to enjoy. The open house BBQ is just one way the company tries to give back to the community, and is designed to provide fun and enjoyment, as well as vital information for any individual with physical disabilities or their family and friends.

The open house will be held on Friday, September 14 at the Access Options Watsonville office. From 11 AM until 4 PM, everyone will have access to food, drinks and entertainment, as well as a range of industry experts and manufacturer representatives. The open house serves as a disability resource fair as well, providing access to in-depth information concerning mobility equipment and direct answers from vendors, manufacturers, as well as nonprofits specializing in the accessibility and mobility industry such as Elderday, Shared Adventures, CSUMB Disabled Student Services, Monterey Horsemanship and Therapeutic Center, Dragonslayers and ATG.

Visitors will be able to speak with vendor representatives from VMI, El Dorado, Mobility SVM, Pride Mobility Products and BHM Medical, as well as with highly trained mobility technicians and Access Options personnel, all of whom are willing to answer questions, explain technology and ensure that customers know exactly how much freedom and mobility they can regain in their lives.

Access Options would like to invite everyone in the area to attend the open house and enjoy the entertainment, food and the opportunity to learn more about new options in mobility.

To find out more about the open house or the events, vendors and organizations that will be attending, visit

About Access Options: Access Options is one of California’s leading providers of handicap vans and mobility equipment. The company is dedicated to giving back to the community in a variety of ways, and has done so for more than 20 years. Through that time, the company’s driving goal has been to provide the utmost in service, knowledge and quality to their customers.

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