Liko Mobile Patient Lifts at Access Options

Access Options has a full line of Liko patient lifts, which provide users with the support and security they need to access the mobility they deserve. Liko Mobile patient lifts are one of the most popular Liko products sold. Because of easy maneuverability and convenient features, the Liko Mobile Lift is the perfect lift for around the home.  There is a Liko model that is compatible with almost any size or layout of room, thanks to the different model sizes offered.

The Liko Viking XS is the ideal mobile lift for many lifting situations. Because of its compact size, the XS model is able to fit in the smallest of areas. It is often used in bathrooms, bedrooms and in lifting to and from the floor. The XS is made of sturdy aluminum and weighs only over fifty-five pounds. It is able to lift up to five times its weight for a maximum lifting capacity of 350 pounds.

The Liko Viking M offers the great quality of the Liko XS, but is a larger model with a higher lifting capacity. The Liko M weighs just over seventy-five pounds, but can lift up to 450. Perfectly accommodated for situations such as gait training and rehabilitation, the Liko offers armrests, wireless hand controls, and the Liko Diagnostic System.

The Liko Viking XL offers the highest lifting capacity of the Liko mobile lifts. It weighs 95 pounds and is able to lift 660. It is made of the strongest aluminum and is environmentally friendly.

Access Options also offers the Liko S and Liko L option to provide more specialized size options for customers. For more information on any of the Liko lifts or mobility products offered at Access Options, contact them today!

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