Advantage of a Lowered Floor Wheelchair Van

A lowered floor wheelchair van has lots of advantages, and those advantages primarily have to do with two things. First of all, they have to do with the options available on the particular handicap vans sold by Access Options at their web site. Some of the other benefits have to do with wheelchair vans in general, and it’s really hard to understand them unless you’ve been in a wheelchair yourself.

We mentioned a moment ago that there are options available when you purchase these accessible vans which help you enjoy their benefits even further. One example of this would be the raised roof option. With the raised roof option, not only will you enjoy the benefit of the extra space provided, but you will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the fact that the material used to extend your roof height provides additional structural integrity and will not rust. You also have the option of having either the entire floor lowered, or only the center part of it.

If you choose the six inch lowered center floor option, there are certain advantages and features associated with that choice as well. For instance, there is also an additional “driver drop,” which allows for two more inches of head room in that part of the vehicle. You can also have the floor lined with a non-skid material which is very easy to clean. These types of vans can be driven directly from a wheelchair, and the wheelchair can also be located in the passenger’s seat area. There’s enormous flexibility.

Let Access Options help you find out what is right for you when it comes to a wheelchair accessible van!

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