Many people use a scooter to enhance their mobility.

Bruno Model VSL-6000

These handy devices make getting around the house and even outside the home easier. However, if you are not able to find a means to transport your scooter with you when you travel, you can find it a very problematic situation. For those who use a scooter, a scooter lift can be an ideal solution. Thankfully, there are some excellent options open to you in scooter lifts. These run the gamut from slim lifts that store your scooter in the back of your van to platform lifts that store your scooter outside the vehicle.

One of the most innovative scooter lifts on the market today is the Bruno ASL-250, which features one-button operation. This platform lift offers plenty of power for larger scooters, and provides a lifting capacity of 350 lbs. It also features the ability to drive on or off the lift from either side, which makes getting your scooter onboard a simple process. Finally, it only requires the right tow-hitch – there’s no need to make physical modifications to your van.

Another excellent option for those considering scooter lifts is the VSL-6000. This is a powerful lift, with up to 400 lbs. of capacity. However, it stores your scooter in the back of the van rather than outside, which is ideal for inclement weather or when you simply need to make sure that your scooter is completely protected. It can also be installed in a wide range of vehicles, from minivans to pickup trucks and full-size vans.

If you don’t have a van, don’t fret. There are still scooter lifts out there for you. You’ll find that Bruno manufactures two lifts specifically for vehicles with less space. The ASL-325 and 350 Space-Saver™ scooter lifts feature innovative designs that allow you to use the lift to store your scooter in the vehicle, and then disassemble the lift for easy storage and travel. Both of these lifts feature optional power sources – they can use your vehicle’s battery, or be powered by an available battery pack.

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